Are Your Floors Looking Worn?

Are Your Floors Looking Worn?

Arrange for floor maintenance services in Tuscaloosa or Birmingham, AL

Your kids track mud onto your clean carpet. Your dog scratches up your hardwood floors. It's hard to keep your floors in good condition, but M & L Window Cleaning and Floors, LLC can help. We offer floor maintenance service for homeowners and business owners in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, AL. Whether you need us to deep clean your carpet or strip and wax your tile floors, you can count on us to do the job right.

Your floors will look brand-new once we're done. Call (205) 242- 2746 now to get more details about our floor maintenance service in Tuscaloosa or Birmingham, AL.

Why should business owners wax their floors?

Dirty or grimy floors give the wrong impression about your business. While regular floor cleaning can help, there's more you can do as a business owner to maintain your floors. Floor stripping and waxing will remove dirt deposits, smooth over scratches and remove unsightly stains from your floors.

The wax will also form a protective barrier and make floor cleaning easier. Contact our team today to schedule floor waxing service.